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star wars language.

Music is what feelings sound like.

A world without music is a hell I wouldn't want to be exist in.
A world without ,
Tune and Mp3 Players.
And iPhones and iPods wouldn't even exist.
And wouldn't be making big bucks now.
No music no Mp3,
No music videos,


Michael Jackson!

Imagine going to church without the Hallelujah song,
Imagine going to temple without those symbals and drums being played,
Imagine going to Hindu Temple without tabla being played,


Imagine ..

Marriage Ceremony without the

Danggg dangg dangg dangggg~~dangg dangg da danggg~~ danggg dangg da danggg~~

Okay doesn't spell tune,

You know what song is played when people get married.


Horror movies without those

Jengg Jengg Jengggg Jengggg..


Starbucks without playing their christmas songs all day long.
So you'll be only hearing to those ice blending in the ice blender sound.

Nice is ittt??

No music played while your on a long and jammed journey to work in the morning.
All the way to work news being read and traffic updates.
More accidents. Confirm.





without music.-.-

The Dj is going to say this every night

" Yeahhh everybody in the club , this is Dj Spinhead, enjoy your night.. with the... Lights ? "

This is too terrifying to imagine.

I don't know what's the point of this post.
Because I'm just imagining soo many things now.
And lazy to get up from this seat so...


A world without music..

See what i'll come up with the next time i'm on this same seat again.

Till then,


Digging Grave.


H1N1 Song

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Senseless song about H1N1

When you wash your body wash your hands too

How do you wash your body without washing your hands?


Yes you are the best!


I'm selling these passes only because of last minute changes and couldn't make it this Saturday.

Highest Offer/Bid for mosh pit passes CURRENTLY - SOLD

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LAST Offer/Bidding Session is opened from 8am Tuesday 11th Aug till 12am Wednesday 12th Aug.

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These are some of the photos taken during my Penang trip.

Today is a laze day, so i'll let these pictures do the talking.



Today ,

12:34:56 pm


Can't you see it?

It makes

123456789 .

This is too cool.

I'm now blogging at starbucks.
And yea, it's going to be something about coffee.

I still remember the first time I actually stepped in to Starbucks.
And the best thing is I came with my friends where none of us know how to actually order a very simple drink called coffee.

So we went in like we've been enjoying Starbucks for a loooooooong time.
As we entered the first place we headed to wasn't those comfortable couches or stools.
We headed to the toilet.

And Starbucks toilets were never big to fit four huge guys.
The moment we entered the toilet,
this dialogue came out.

" wehh, how to order la wehh, i saw all the names, okay, i could read it, butttt how to pronounce it wehh "



Then ,I gave an awesome idea,

" okay I know what to do, I will wait till there's a long queue then I line up the last, then i hear what they order and the other side you all see whether the drink looks nice or not"

Okayy, everyone semanga
t already.

The reason we're doing this because we wanted to be cool than a fool standing in front of the counter like Ms. Swan.

So according

to the plan , I did it.

The next customer ordered something called for a,

" Caramel Frappucino "

From what i heard it was, then it was my turn to order,

Pekerja Starbucks : " Hi welcome , can I help you "

Aku : " Errrr...Errrrr... * Long Pause* "
*Sweats on forehead*

Pekerja Starbucks : * o.O *

Aku: " errr.. Caramel Frappuccino "

Pekerja Starbucks : " Size sir ? "

Aku: " errrr.. Gimme LARGE "

Pekerja Starbucks : " Err sir, you mean V!@$#ENTI?? " ( I don't understand what's venti that time, so it sounded like greek to me")

Aku: * heart pumping really fast * " yea yea" ( i don't even know what am i ordering)

Pekerja Starbucks: " Coffee or milk sir ?"

Aku : * okay la, i thought they asking me whether i want extra coffee or i wanna add milk "
" err, yah yahhh (smiles) "

Pekerja Starbucks: " sooo, milk or coffee sir? "

Aku: " yahh yahhh milk "
( I was so lost that i can act in the tv series Lost )
(Lost with Starbucks)

So I do what normal people would do after ordering something,
1) Pay at the counter
2) Wait for your food and drink to be served at the counter
3)Collect and find a seat

So while I was performing step 1..
Then step 2..

I waited ..
At the counter. -.-

I didn't notice everyone was looking at me because I was focusing on what my drink is going to be like.

Then i turned and looked at the cashier. He was like in shock of his life. * I think this person really never been to Starbucks in his life before*

then he said

" Err sir, you can collect your drink at the bar "

I swear to god that was the most embarrassing
I would rather be Ms.Swan I swear.

Okay the best part's when i collect my drink.

It came out white in colour.



(my friends were laughing)


Okay that was my first time at starbucks, after that it was me laughing at people.

There's this one time, I went to starbucks forgotten with who.

This old uncle went to the cashier and ordered for,

" AMERICAN LATE "( American Latte ) pronounced as American Lateh direct translation to BM, " AMERICAN LAMBAT "


Sorry uncle.

Too much of my embarrassing moment, have to put in a little of yours:P

I didn't like coffee that much before I tried starbucks coffee.
It made me fell in love with coffee.
And everywhere I go must have good coffee as my drink now.
Plus my Rylsu is a coffee lover too:D

I don't understand why they can't make their menu easier to read and order.

Like maybe ,

One large iced coffee.

Instead we have to go like,

One Coffee Frappuccino ,Venti, Without whipped cream.

That's the very embarrassing experience of me with starbucks.

Thank you starbucks!

It's because of you, today i can share with people this story.-.-


I'm even more deeply in love with you,
not the coffee.
but you.

Familiar with this restaurant's name?

And this?

How about this uncle with his signature hat?

Previously selling his delicious chicken chop @ Hup Yik Restaurant,Taipan

Now selling @ De Happy Land Restaurant @ USJ 14

Hainanese Chicken Chop , Served with Grilled chicken chop with egg, fries, bun and coleslaw.
And barbeque gravy prepared freshly everyday.

RM 7.80

Try it out yourself .


Craving for Chicken Chop Lim's Chicken Chop.

An update about this post




So stay tuned to


fcking happy


Okay I don't have it.
and that's not my hand.
I hope it was.
But I really want it !!!
Someone bring me there please..
I wanna watch Kasabian live.
I don't really care about the other artists actually.
I just want Kasabian !!

Okay nevermind.
I know even if you guys have the passes you wouldn't wanna bring me.
I just felt like shouting.

I attended Hennessy Artistry!!
Thanks to ryl for the pass.:D

Picture taken by Rylsu.

Picture taken by Aaron Ho.

Fat Man Scoop pincheed his nipples on stage.

I swear!

And i also attended A Shopaholic Den V2.0 Bazaar @ The Crest, 3 two square

The owners of

Cheryl Ho & Adeline Ho

This is RylHo & JitzLim

For more details or to view their product,

please visit,
Ryldesigns at

I walk a lonely road
The only one that i have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's me to me and i walk alone

okay this is too random.





Okay here something you might wanna see.
Or maybe you really wanna see.
Or maybe not?


Or maybe not?

Okay this is too gay.

We did this in class today.

AS results are coming soooonn..

I swear.


on the first day of 2 weeks holiday.

They had to do that to us.

Feeling Senseless.
This is what i do when she's shaking the bottle filled with dynamo.
Junk oh junk, please give me that passsss...

ngor miss lei.


Bleu, mineral bottle.

Epiphone Les Paul.

Guitar Charm from Rylsu.

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation.

Chicken Chop Lim's
Chicken Chop with Fried Rice.
@ USJ 14 Happy Land Restaurant.

Heineken Can

the end.


in photography mood.

Ever since this date, I know that i've found the one i truly love and care.
I didn't regret even a tad bit for being with her.
Because everyday feels like the first day to me. or us. :P

I love the way she puts a smile on my face.
Anytime and anywhere.
We laugh at each other. Tease and insult.

I always tell her that the reason for her to cry is never gonna be me.
But I realize that it's always me.
And still she doesn't take even a step away from me.

No it's youu! Everyday i live, Everything i do, Everywhere i go, Everytime of my life is about you.
We've been through too much that it is impossible to do things that are not related to you or even do things and not think about you.
What are you? Some kinda witch? heh. :P

I've never been so patient to anyone before.
Or even care to be patient with.
But to you , I don't know why.
I can wait for you for hours and I don't feel that i've actually waited that long.

I always try to give you my very best.
And treat you the best i could.
Basically the best are all for you.
Maybe that's why you became so princess-ey?

Faith is what we have. And still getting more.

I'll never want to lose someone like you.
And never want to imagine days without you.
A day is hard enough for me.

You respect me. You honor the man that I am, rather than try to make me into someone I am not.You suffer my imperfections and my shortcomings largely without complaint.

I am the lucky one to be with you.

I love you.